Tcha Limberger Trio

Originating from a common passion for traditional jazz styles and mostly New Orleans, Swing and Gypsy Jazz, Tcha Limberger is widely regarded as the ‘King of Gypsy music’. Not just for the music he plays, but for his passionate nurturing of tradition. The groove is taken care of by two musicians whose resumes are longer than their arms: Dave Kelbie, a human metronome who combines the softness of genuine swing with enriched chords (regularly seen with masters such as Evan Christopher, Don Vappie, Fapy Lafertin) and Sébastien Girardot, a solid double-bass magician, with both a strong and agile style, highly solicited by famed jazz lineups (Michel Pastre Quintet, La Section Rythmique...) In a word: an Imperial rhythm section, no doubt one of the best of its kind and tied together in the Lejazzetal hall of fame project: Django à la Créole.


A spectacular multi instrumentalist, known as much for enchanting performances with his Budapest Gypsy Orchestra and Kalotaszeg Trio as he is for being the world’s greatest Gypsy jazz violinist, Tcha Limberger is an unstoppable force in the world of folk, jazz and world music.

Award-winning blind musician born in Belgium, acclaimed across musical genres and celebrated within the jazz and world/folk music worlds as both a singer and instrumentalist. Recognised as one of the most prominent and important figures in folk music of the Carpathian basin he has performed worldwide as a soloist in many formations which feature the greatest musicians from across the music world. Stochelo Rosenberg, Angelo Debarre, Fabrizio Cassol, Sebastien Giniaux, Roby Lakatos, Evan Christopher, Fapy Lafertin. Alongside his dedication to nurturing many folkloric musics using the violin, he is also at ease singing in nine languages. He is a member of Trio Tatavla, where he sings and improvises in Greek; The leader of both The Budapest Gypsy Orchestra and The Kalotaszeg Trio, where he sings in Hungarian, Russian and Romanian.



Over the last 30 years Dave Kelbie has been a prominent accompanist to many of the Lollo Meier, Bireli Lagrene, Angelo Debarre, Mozes Rosenberg, & Tcha Limberger. Kelbie has worked with Kal from Serbia, The Original Kocani Orchestra from Macedonia, Hungarian violinist Roby Lakatos. He formed the ground breaking UK-based, multi national Balkan music cooperative Szapora. Through the recent two projects with New Orleans musicians Evan Christopher (Django a la Creole) and Don Vappie (Jazz Creole) Kelbie has become one of the most sought after rhythm guitarists on the worldwide stage.



Powerful and swinging, Australian bass player Sebastien Girardot has built a highly personal style on a foundation of classical training and early experience with New Orleans style groups. He is in wide demand across Europe and has appeared at the continents’ foremost jazz festivals and clubs alongside musicians such as Evan Christopher, Leroy Jones, Harry Allen, Shannon Powell, Dan Barrett, Ken Peplowski, John Etheridge, Tcha Limberger and Fapy

Lafertin. He has an international recording reputation with iconic jazz labels including GHB, Jazz Crusade, Fremeaux, Jazzology, Camille Productions, Black & Blue and Lejazzetal Records.
Since moving to Paris, Girardot has developed into an extremely versatile musician, equally at home in many early 20th Century musical styles from blues to swing, biguine to choro and Gypsy jazz. A founding member of Django à la Créole, his other current regular projects include La Section Rhythmique, Three Blind Mice, the Tcha Limberger Trio, The Dime Notes, and the Michel Pastre Quintet.

Photo © Viceversa Fotografia, Paul Nicholas, Dominique Rimbault