Alessandro Annunziata

Alessandro Annunziata was born in Rome, Italy, in 1968, and started playing and composing in his early age. He graduated with honors in Literature and Philosophy and specialized in History of Music and Musicology, with an essay about neapolitan theater and music in XVIIIth century.He studied piano and composition in Rome. After that, he decides to continue his musical research with personal and free studies of classical and contemporary repertoires, and also in the wide field of popular music, in particular that of mediterranean and european areas. The most profound influence for his artistic growth was italian composer of Greek origin Dimitri Nicolau (Keratea 1946 - Rome 2008). He shared the artistic view with Nicolau; they viewed music as inter-human communication and continuous and inexhaustible research of emotional and imaginative expression of our own human identity.

He worked as musicologist, journalist, teacher, lecturer. He is author of texts about music and history of music for radio programs, he has been also music counselor for Rai (Italian broadcasting network) and for Rai cultural channel RaiSat1, for which he has managed the broadcasting of concerts and operas. From 1999 until 2013 he worked as editor for «Nuova Rivista Musicale Italiana» of Rai-Eri (Rai Italian TV Network Publishing).

His compositions are regularly performed by many prestigious artists, chamber ensemble, orchestras, in the context of a number of festivals both in Italy and abroad. These include: Lincoln Center of performing arts – Juilliard School (New York), MoMa - Museum of modern art (New York), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), Cantiere Internazionale dell’Arte di Montepulciano (Italy), Fondazione Perugia Musica Classica (Italy), Festival “I Suoni delle Dolomiti” (Italy), LingottoMusica, Auditorium del Lingotto (Turin, Italy), Toronto Chamber Music Downtown (Canada), Salle Tudor – Maison Ogilvy (Montreal, Canada), Società del quartetto (Milano, Italy), Accademia Filarmonica Romana (Rome), Barletta Piano Festiva & Amici della Musica “Mauro Giuliani” (Barletta, Italy), Flaneries musicales de Reims, (France), and many others.

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