Saba Beatrice Lucidi

Saba Beatrice Lucidi, or just Saba, was born and raised on the Island of Elba where she began studying performing arts in various forms from an early age: music, dance, singing and musicals. In 2011 she moved to Rome where she continued to follow these passions by studying acting and dubbing, while attending the Voice Art Dubbing school of theater and film acting, and taking her first steps in audiovisual world. After some set experiences, for example as a special figuration in the seventh season of "I Delitti del Barlume", and small jobs in dubbing (Luz del Sol Neisa in "La Quiero a Morir"), in 2018 he began teaching diction at the same Voice Art Dubbing, for which she still works in multiple locations, including Rome, Naples and Catania. At the end of 2019 she joined the theater company DarkSide LabTheatre with which she collaborates and works on several projects.

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