Octuor de France

Created thirty years ago by initiative of clarinetist Jean-Louis Sajot, the Octuor de France has set for itself the goal of promoting clarinet works from the 18th century to the present day. The name of the ensemble testifies not only the expansion of the repertoire, but also the desire to promote French music beyond its borders during regular tours abroad: from Spain to Poland, from Japan to the United States, passing through Mexico, the Canada or Australia.

The ensemble performs in formations ranging from duo to octet, with or without piano, and offers a vast repertoire of great classical, romantic and contemporary works. They also chose to give the public the opportunity to rediscover forgotten or rarely played scores. In addition, the Octuor de France invites living composers to encourage the creation of new works.

The Octuor de France also participates in the rebirth of silent cinema by participating in projections-concerts, with scores written ad hoc. They have thus performed in prestigious events, such as the Quinzaine des réalisateurs of the Cannes Film Festival, the Bologna Film Festival, the Festival De l'Encre à l'Ecran in Tours, the Telluride Film Festival (Colorado), the Saitama Film Festival (Tokyo), the New York Film Festival, Harvard Film Archive, the New Orleans Festival, the Montreal Film Festival, the Athens Festival and many more.

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