Marciana Marina

Marciana Marina is the smallest town on the Island of Elba. It is just a mere five square kilometers, which are filled with lush greenery and a gorgeous waterfront that was completed at the beginning of the 20th century. You will find the most lovely and intimate squares here. They are almost like extended living rooms of the elegant and sophisticated homes in the village. The origins of the town are lost in the early history of the island, but there is evidence that the town existed way back in the Etruscan and Roman periods.

The wine produced in Marciana Marina is sincere, honest, and delicious. This famous wine has been exported to ports in Liguria and Tuscany since the seventeenth century. In the seventies of the last century Marciana Marina found its rightful place among the most luxurious and coveted tourist destinations. Now, the town is frequented by international jet setters not only in the summer, but all year round. Take a look at the charming villas on the Marciana Marina beach and you will understand why people from around the world flock to this part of Elba to enjoy the lovely green rolling hills that overlook the coast.

Marciana Marina, surrounded by the lovely mountain Monte Giove to the west and the stunning Monte Perone to the east, offers some of the most breathtaking views on the island. It attracts visitors for its gorgeous landscape, which will be especially enjoyed by those that arrive by car from Portoferraio. Even more fascinating is the sea, and that of Marciana Marina diving is world famous. Make sure to visit the villages of Poggio and Marciana, which are built on the face of Monte Capanne. From here, you will enjoy amazing panoramic views of Marciana Marina and the turquoise sea below. Take your camera, because you will feel like you are inside an extraordinarily beautiful postcard.

During the summer, Marciana Marina nightlife is one of the most fun on the island. There are many opportunities to spend an exciting night out and enjoy the entertainment offered by the numerous bars overlooking the sea. However, Marciana Marina is sought mainly for its tranquility. The way of life here is calm, peaceful, and pleasant. It is perfect for guests who want to mingle with interesting people without the worry of being bothered or annoyed by the chaos of a bigger city.