Hotel Hermitage – Biodola Bay


In 1955 Paolo and Ileana De Ferrari, descendants of a noble Genoese family, visited the Biodola beach on the Island of Elba for the first time. They fell immediately in love with the crystal clear water and the fine sand, with the delicate flowers that grow along the dunes and with the intense scent of mastic and cork in the air. Among the very few guests on the beach, there is also Errol Flynn, the famous Hollywood star, who like them has stopped to enjoy the peace of this unexplored paradise.

It is exactly here, on the Biodola beach, that Paolo De Ferrari conceived the idea of creating an exclusive resort to welcome guests from all over the world, in search of relaxation away from it all. The hotel is now among the best accommodation facilities on the island. Five stars, it is immersed in the green of the Mediterranean maquis in an extremely panoramic position.