Gabriele Mirabassi & Simone Zanchini


Summit meeting between two great virtuosos of their own instrument and protagonists of the international music scene. The musical transversality that distinguishes both allows them to express themselves easily both in the world of jazz and in that of classical music. In this duo the student spirit of South American rhythms and the pulsating depth of the old swing mix with the sounds of a modern and modern jazz that is expressed in the compositional style of both. The eclecticism of the two musicians allows them to wander and improvise in an extemporaneous way with very high communicative inter-play, alternating original compositions with famous standards of the Latin American repertoire. Great strength and sound of a soloist of the caliber of Gabriele Mirabassi, for more than thirty years at the top of the best clarinet players on the world scene, supported by the sonic and creative magma of Simone Zanchini, considered one of the most original and innovative accordionists on the international scene.

Photo © Daniele Franchi