Fortezza Pisana


The Pisan Fortress of Marciana, with its breathtaking views, has been a scene for internationally renown artists since the first seasons of the Festival.

The Fortress dominates the village of Marciana with its high walls, from which it is possible to see a beautiful view. The Fortress can be reached on foot by climbing up the stairs of the historic village of Marciana, characterized by narrow streets and small, charming squares, or by car following the road  from the town that leads along a scenic road to the parking behind the fortress.

Located at 415 meters above sea level, the Fortress was built by the Republic of Pisa in the 12th century to protect the inhabitants of Marciana from the frequent conflicts and pirate raids. After the Pisan period, the Fortress passed into the hands of the Appiani family, who reinforced it and chose Marciana as a safe and representative base for their interests in the western part of the island.