Fabrizio Bosso Spiritual Trio

Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet
Alberto Marsico, organ
Alessandro Minetto, drums

The Spiritual Trio is one of Fabrizio Bosso's most fascinating projects. It has published the third album and celebrated the tenth anniversary of the meeting with the organist Alberto Marsico and with the drummer Alessandro Minetto, from which this formation was born as a tribute to black music, declined in its Gospel and Spiritual variants.
The first album of the Trio, “Spiritual“ (2011), dealt with a repertoire rooted in black folk tradition (Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, Down By The Riverside, Whe the Saint go Marchin 'in). In "Purple" (2013), the band's second album, the trio chose to further explore that world in search of a repertoire - both traditional and modern - in which they can express themselves at their best (A Change is Gonna Come, Wide in the Water, Go Down Moses). With the third album, "Someday", released in December 2019, the further step was to expand the repertoire between songs that, although not coming from the Spiritual tradition, can be reinterpreted in that key and, above all, be appreciated in the unmistakable sonority of the trio (Bridge over trouble water, Lawns, Someday We All Be Free). The concerts of the Spiritual Trio maintain the most significant songs of the records, in a skilful balance between tradition and innovation, leading listeners on a journey full of discoveries and emotions.

Photo © Antonella Aresta