Chiesa di SS. Giacomo e Quirico


A beautiful venue for our concerts since the early years of the Festival.

The Festival has chosen among its venues the Church of San Giacomo Apostolo, also known as Santi Giacomo Apostolo and Quirico Martire, which acts as the main cathedral in Rio nell’Elba, a small and ancient inland village.

The village was built in the middle ages, during the Pisan domination of the isle (at the end of 14th century) but there are traces of the presence of tabernacles dating back the 11th century. The village was protected by ramparts and by a fortress: the four bastions fenced the church and assured protection for the inhabitants in case of attacks. The inner structure of the church is medieval, divided into three naves, but the whole building was strongly altered during the following centuries (particularly in the 18th century), giving the church a modern aspect.