Anfiteatro La Vantina


The La Vantina open-air Theatre represents a unique opportunity to attend Festival’s concerts while enjoying the breathtaking view that makes Capolivery, one of the must-see villages of Elba.

In Roman times, Capoliveri was called Caput Liberum. Now it is a quiet village characterized by her ancient urban roots.  From the top of the hill on which it is built you can see stunning and unique views of the sea.  You can also see far off the coast of Elba to many of the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Capoliveri is also a great place for shopping and entertainment. You will find some of Elba’s most delicious restaurants, trendy boutiques and social events that vary from day to day. On top of this, the gorgeous natural environment is an important attraction for Italian and foreign visitors. You will be more enamored and impressed with Capoliveri every day.