Francesca Breschi



Francesca began her musical education playing piano and later concentrated on singing lessons with Sergio Pezzetti in Perugia. From 1990 she is a member of the Vocal Quartet of Giovanna Marini, and from 1995 she is also the musical assistant and director of the choir for her theatrical works.
As a musician, singer, actress and composer often involved with the theater (member of Coop. Pupi & Fresedde from 1981 to 1986), Francesca is working with poetry, electronic music and visual arts. From 1978 she collaborated with artists Nicola Piovani, Elio De Capitani, Francesco de Gregori, Serena Nono, Emilio Isgrò, Giancarlo Cobelli, Roberto Roversi, Giulio Bosetti, Hans Günther Heyme, Franz Marijnen, Angelo Savelli, Rita Maffei, David Riondino, Ensemble Micrologus, Ensemble Lucidarium, Mario Brunello e Marco Paolini, Vinicio Capossela, Compagnia Lombardi-Tiezzi.
The Secret Song of Trees (Il Canto segreto degli Alberi), based on the oral tradition in Italian music, is among her latest projects. This recording undertaking was awarded the Coup de Coeur 2013 by Musique du Monde, from Academie Charles Cros in France.
Her last recording Respice stellam, produced with her Ensemble Dialogo is based on religious music of XIII to XV centuries.
From 1995 she teaches and participates in numerous seminars in Italy and abroad.