Ensemble La Pifarescha

La Pifarescha was originally conceived as an alta cappella ensemble, a configuration of wind and percussion instruments that was immensely popular throughout medieval and renaissance Europe.
This type of group enjoyed such widespread popularity for its unique ability to function both on its own and in supporting roles with other instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and dance companies.
The ensemble incorporates a fascinating and diverse selection of instruments. Shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, trumpets, bagpipes, dulcians, flutes, fiddles, lutes, viols, psaltery, percussion, and many others,join together to alternatethe soundsof alta cappella with the bassa cappella,offering a highly variable sonority unique to this group.
Thus, La Pifarescha traces the evolution from the alta cappellato the noble consort of cornetts and sackbuts, which appeared on the scene during the renaissance and flourished in the early baroque, often expanding its ranks to include keyboards, strings, and voices.
Regularly present in prestigious International Festivals, La Pifarescha has recorded for CPO, Classic Voice, Dynamic, Arts, Outhere, Pan Classic, Glossa.